ELC LA Fundraiser: The International Rescue Committee Japan

On March 23, 2011, ELC Los Angeles held a bake sale to help the earthquake relief efforts in Japan.  Students, faculty, staff, and even neighboring offices and businesses turned out in massive numbers to contribute to the cause and to feast upon the homemade baked and fried goods donated by the same students and staff.  Along with the generous baked donations of the Pacific French Bakery, the bake sale became even more wildly successful.  ELC Los Angeles has previously worked with The International Rescue Committee (IRC) to aid relief efforts in Haiti, and now the IRC is working with Peace Winds Japan to assist humanitarian work in Japan.  Administrative Assistant Yang Yang and Student Services Coordinator James Benito set up tables in the student lounge and were quickly overwhelmed with students before class, during breaks, during lunch, and even after school!  Delicious fried pies, decadent brownies, cookies, frosted cakes, cupcakes, and Yang’s famous fried egg-rolls had no problem selling out!  The end result of our bake sale totaled to a remarkable $718!  In a gesture of pure generosity, ELC has decided to double the amount raised to a grand total of $1,436!  ELC would like to extend a big THANK YOU to those that helped make this bake sale so successful and rewarding, in more ways than one.

ELC donates over $1000 to the relief effort in Haiti!

Over the past month ELC Boston and Los Angeles have been holding a fundraiser to donate to the International Rescue Committee to help Haiti recover from the devastating earthquake. ELC’s president, Ellyn Levine, suggested having this fundraiser and promised that ELC would double the funds raised by the students and staff. The Los Angeles and Boston locations launched into the fundraiser with enthusiasm for the cause and a fierce sense of competition between the two school locations. ELC staff organized held events to raise money such as flowers sales for Valentine’s Day and bake sales. The students actively participated in these fundraising events and added money to the collection jars on their own. The Los Angeles schools raised $265 during the fundraiser campaign.  Boston just barely edged them out with $269. With ELC matching the total raised, we will donate over $1000.

Haiti Relief (from Coast to Coast)

Haiti Relief (from Coast to Coast)

ELC Los Angeles and ELC Boston are engaging in some friendly competition for a good cause. ELC is holding a fundraiser to help the relief effort in Haiti after the devastation of the massive earthquake on January 12th. ELC Los Angeles has challenged ELC Boston to see which school can raise the most money in an effort to provide hope to the people of Haiti.

The English Language Center is going to match all donations made in Los Angeles and Boston. That means every donation the students and staff make is doubled! Every little bit counts and the people of Haiti need all the support they can get to rebuild in the aftermath of the earthquake.

ELC’s donations will go to The International Rescue Committee. IRC is a well-recognized relief organization founded in 1933. For more information about the IRC, please visit their website at www.theirc.org/

Check back soon to see how much ELC has raised and to hear some thoughts about the relief efforts from our students.