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Teacher Spotlight: Kramer Gibson April 6th, 2015

Who is Kramer Gibson? Well, many of us know Kramer as an enthusiastic ELC teacher, but another side to Kramer is his passion for music. His interest in music began from the early age of 10 years old after attending his first Van Halen concert. From then on he decided he was going to be a musician himself. He is extremely involved in music. He now teaches private lessons to aspiring young musicians in the Boston area, he is a member of a band; he performs solo acts around the city, and was recently hired as a bass instructor for a youth development organization.

Kramer nowadays is so involved with his music that if you happen to run into him around the school and ask him his plans for the rest of the day and the weekend, his answer will most likely be “I am practicing my music”. He is a passionate and dedicated musician; whether it is teaching lessons to locals, practicing in his shared music studio, or playing a ‘gig’ at a local venue. Kramer is all about sharing his musical talents, especially with our ELC Boston students. Recently, he has been inviting students to his band rehearsals and also to local shows, in which he puts on a solo multi-instrumental performance.

Here is a video of one of his performances.


Kramer is a multi-talented musician, he admits playing the drums is by far his favorite instrument.  Though, he also plays the saxophone, guitar, and piano! There is definitely an inner rockstar inside of him waiting to break free. Kramer’s talents go beyond the English classroom, and we are grateful that he is on our team willing to share and give students memorable musical experiences.

ELC Boston Teacher Spotlight Kramer

Boston Teacher Kramer

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