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Thanksgiving Scrabble! December 1st, 2015

Have you ever played the board game called Scrabble? Each player is given a series of random letters and is tasked with creating real words out of them—the more complicated, the better! Or you might have played the online game Words with Friends, which has a similar set of rules. Did you know that you can play a personal version of this using any word or set of words you want? In honor of the recent Thanksgiving holiday, here’s a description of that day’s traditions, using as many words as possible made up of letters from the phrase HAPPY THANKSGIVING. (You can find those words in the bold print.)

On this wonderful holiday, we sit around the table, giving thanks for all of the family, friends, and food we have. Before we eat, we might ask each person to say something for which they are thankful. It’s okay if you need time to think. This is important, so we don’t want to rush anyone, and you can feel free to list as many things as you want. The younger kids at the table have been learning about Thanksgiving for weeks at school. They might want to sing or perform a skit about the story of the Pilgrims and the First Thanksgiving. Make sure to pay attention to them! Have you been saving room for food? I hope so! Last Wednesday we enjoyed having turkey and stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans, cranberry sauce and many different types of pie. It’s okay to pig out and eat everything you want! Wash it all down with a sip or two of crisp apple cider. Afterwards, our aging grandparents might take a nap in front of the parade on TV, while we help bring dishes to the kitchen sink. You better help out or your parents will nag you about it! Do you think you have the hang of Thanksgiving now? It’s definitely one of the most enjoyable holidays of the year!

And here’s a phrase for another upcoming holiday: HAPPY NEW YEAR! How many words can you create from this phrase?

Thanksgiving Scrabble Blog

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