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The Best Board Games to Practice English July 27th, 2015

1. Scrabble

Scrabble is a word game in which players form words using single letter tiles.  The words must form a crossword on the game board, either left to right in rows, or downwards in columns.  Scrabble is a great game because it forces you to creatively come up with new words you wouldn’t normally use in order to score more points.

2. Taboo

Taboo is a word guessing game.  The goal of the game is for the player to have their team members guess the word on the player’s card without using the word itself or the five synonyms listed beneath the word.  Taboo is a great game to play with a large group and helps increate your English vocabulary.

3. Apples to Apples

In Apples to Apples there are green cards, which contain adjectives and red cards, which contain nouns.  Each player has seven red cards in their hand. Every round the players choose one red card from their hand. Once player is the judge each round and chooses the red card he or she sees as most fitting.  The player that lays down the card that best fits the adjective being played, is the winner of that round!  Apples to Apples is a great game for learning practical English and communicating in every day life.

4. Scattegories

Scattegories is a category based party game.  The goal of the game is to score points by naming objects within a set of categories for a specific letter.  For example, the category is farm animals and the letter is d. The team member that can write down the most farm animals that start with that letter, scores the most points. Scattegories is a great game for learning new broad range vocabulary words.

5. Bananagrams

The way you play Bananagrams is by arranging your letter tiles into a grid of connected words faster than your opponent.  Similar to Scrabble, you must create a word grid from the pool of tiles between you and the person you are playing.  Bananagrams is a great game for playing with one other person because it really puts the pressure on to see who can come up with the best words the fastest!

Board Games for Learning English

What are you waiting for? What board game will you play?

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