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ELC - English Language Center Santa Barbara
The Traveling Donkey April 3rd, 2014

ELC Donkey in Santa Barbara

In August, all of Santa Barbara celebrates the Old Spanish Days, which are also known as the Fiesta Days! ELC had its own large celebration and part of the décor were cute miniature donkeys that resembled piñatas. Students loved these and many took them home as souvenirs and reminders of their study abroad experience at ELC Santa Barbara. But, one of these lucky donkeys wasn’t just placed on a shelf in its owner’s home country. Pascal Froelich travelled to 12 different countries after studying at ELC for 8 weeks and his little donkey joined him for his trip around the world!

After traveling to several states in the US, Canada, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Mongolia and Russia, Pascal is back in his hometown of Elgg, Switzerland and is hoping to save up money for his next adventure! Here’s a picture summary of Pascal’s trip – enjoy!

ELC Donkey in Airport


ELC Donkey In Brazil

The donkey waiting for its first flight of its adventures! First stop, Brazil!


Time to cross over to Peru!

ELC Donkey In Machu Piccu

Pascal and his buddy after hiking up Machu Picchu in Peru.

New Zealand

Next stop, New Zealand!

ELC Donkey Queenstown NZ

Enjoying the view of Queenstown, New Zealand


Next stop, the red continent – Australia!

ELC Donkey on Ayer's Rock

Hanging out on Ayers Rock

 ELC Donkey on Fraser Island

Time to take a dip at Fraser Island!

ELC Donkey at 12 Apostles

Posing by the 12 Apostles

Next stop Asia!



Saying hello to Phuket from this amazing viewpoint!


ELC Donkey in Kuala Lampur

Kuala Lampur, Malaysia

ELC Donkey on Elephant in Malaysia

Elephant ride for two, anyone?


ELC Donkey in Xi'an

Terracotta Soldiers defend the donkey.

ELC Donkey in Shanghai

The donkey discovers it’s a model in China!

ELC Donkey in Shanghai

Greetings from the Shanghai Skyline!

Santa Barbara, CA

After visiting so many places, here’s a flashback to where it all began at ELC Santa Barbara. Thanks for sharing your memories with us, Pascal!

ELC Santa Barbara Students