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This Week in Boston November 14th, 2014

Michelle’s 600B Conversation Class is delighted to inform you of events that happened, are happening, and will happen not only at ELC but also around Boston.

Halloween Party

ELC celebrated Halloween last week!  Listen to Mohammed’s description of all the exciting details and other events coming up at ELC.


ELC Boston Students Halloween

ELC Boston Students Halloween

Boston Sports Teams

If you like sports, Boston has something for everyone, from basketball to ice hockey to American football.  Listen to Monica tell you about the different teams.

Boston sports

Boston CelticsBoston BruinsNew England Patriots


Last week, Boston mourned the death of our beloved Mayor Menino, Boston’s longest-serving mayor from 1993-2014.  Saleh will give you some more details about the mayor and his funeral.

Tom Menino

Boston Mayor Tom Menino

photo courtesy of wbur.org

Mayor Tom Menino

photo courtesy of mercedsunstar.com

Election 2014

On Tuesday, November 4, 2014, Massachusetts voters turned out to cast their votes for a new governor.  Listen to Mareike for all the results…


Politics topics - elections

Martha Coakley and Governor Elect Charlie Baker

photo courtesy of wwlp.com

Massachusetts Elections

photo courtesy of wbur.org

Things to do in Boston

There are many things to do in Boston during your free time.


If you’re looking for ways to pass the time when you’re not studying, Shatha has some information about different shows in town.   The Boston Ballet


photo courtesy of exploredance.com

Blue Man Group in Boston


photo courtesy of universalorlando.com


Explore another area of Boston, the South End.  Mareike will explain the different events that go on in that section of the city.


SOWA Artists Guild

The Boston Athenaeum

If you’re looking for something different to do and are interested in art and history, you don’t have to go far from ELC.  Listen to Saleh tell you where to go.

Boston Athenaeum

Boston Athenaeum Museum

photo courtesy of bostoncalendar.com