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Tie-Dye Making in LA – ELC Los Angeles September 23rd, 2013

Tie-Dye Making in LA – ELC Los Angeles

Last week Thursday, we had a really fun and colorful activity: Tie-dye! Many of our students were at first confused with what “Tie-dye” meant, but many then recognized Tie-dye when we explained that Tie-dye was the “colorful shirts that Hippies wear”.

Liz, our Housing Coordinator, was our chaperone for the activity and came up with the great idea. She prepared bottles with various colors of dye and rubber bands to start off the activity. The student lounge was pretty packed, and we had over 15 students participating! Students got their shirts wet first, and then twisted and tied rubber bands around the shirts to create the different patterns. Afterwards they sprayed the different colors onto the shirts, and after waiting for them to dry, unrolled the shirts to see their final work! One of students, Alice, actually brought in a big beach towel to tie-dye which turned out very cool too. Afterwards, Liz did the laundry, and had students pick up their shirts in the Main Office.

 Alice's beach towel Liz and Alex with final product Liz and Rivor Marc Miho & Akane Noe 2 Noe 3 Noe first step Yurika Process

A message from Liz: “Tie-Dye Day was a great success! And we plan on doing it again sometime soon. Stay tuned!”