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Valentine’s Day at ELC Boston February 22nd, 2012

Love was in the air this past Valentine’s Day for ELC Boston students.  They were given every opportunity to show that someone special how they feel this past holiday and they most definitely made the most of it.

First, students were able to participate in the Valentine’s Day fun by purchasing some baked goods at our bake sale. From the very start at 8:30 in the morning, students were definitely enjoying treats like brownies, cupcakes, even chocolate chip muffins brought in by the staff and teachers. Over the course of the holiday (and the following day – all items half off!) students raised upwards of $80.00 to be donated to the International Red Cross.

Students were also able to send anonymous Candy Gram messages to each other during conversation class. The fact that they were anonymous led to every type of message you can imagine, from endearing messages between couples to spunky jokes between friends. The Candy Grams were a great way to start off the day and to tell someone how you feel.

Finally, students were able to dance the night away with the people they’ve met here at ELC at our Valentine’s Day Soiree thanks to the hard work and dedication of our Administrative Assistant, Cara. She put together a beautiful ballroom right here in ELC where students danced to music from all over the world for hours on end.  We even had a ballot box to vote for Mr. & Mrs. Valentine. Everyone was ecstatic that Min-ji and Mohammed were crowned the lucky couple and their slow dance to “I Will Always Love You” was absolutely unforgettable.

Overall, it was a very successful holiday for students and staff alike here at ELC. It was a wonderful day for everyone to express how much they have grown to care about each other here in Boston.

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