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Valentines Day at ELC Los Angeles February 3rd, 2014

Valentine's Day Gram at ELC Los Angeles At ELC Los Angeles we are organizing Valentines Day Grams!

Love is in the air for February…because of Valentine’s Day!

In the United States, it is very common for elementary schools to give out little candies and cards to each of their classmates on Valentine’s Day. Middle schools and High schools often sell grams, which are usually a bag of candies or flowers that you can send to other classmates. It is very common for students to send it to their friends, teachers, and of course, to a significant other. Students can also send the gram anonymous as well, which creates an air of mystery and excitement.

This year, ELC will continue our tradition of selling candy grams and start selling little Ghiradelli chocolate boxes for $1 in the office starting next week (week of February 3rd, 2014) We will have little cards for students to write a message, and all grams will be delivered on February 14th by office staff!

If you’re more into hand-making a gift, we will also be having an activity the day before Valentine’s Day to make chocolate roses. We’ll also have some construction paper available to make a custom card as well.

Whether you’re planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day with someone, or as Singles Awareness Day, we hope you have a great Valentine’s Day! Oh and one more bonus for this year is that the weekend of Valentine’s Day will be a 3 day weekend!