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Vocabulary Lesson – Doggo Vocabulary for the Hooman In The Know July 25th, 2018

If you’ve been browsing the Internet lately, you’ve probably been bombarded by meme after meme of doggos and puppers. What is a meme? A meme is a hilarious image or text that gets copied and/or modified, which then spreads like wildfire all over! These days, memes featuring dogs, also known as Man’s best friend, of all shapes and sizes and in all kinds of mischievous situations. If you want to be a hooman that’s in the know, you’ll know all these important dog-related meme words featuring the dog friends of ELC’s own Admissions Associate, Becca.

1. Hooman
A hooman is a funny way to spell the word “human”. Hoomans are the designated caretakers for our doggo and pupper friends. Like doggos, hoomans also vary in shapes and sizes!

2. Doggo
This word is easy to figure out. Every dog big and small is a doggo. For humorous purposes, other animals can also be doggos if they try hard enough! A very playful seal, for example, might be called a water doggo due to its dog-like curious and fun nature.

Photo of Becca’s doggo Hobie dressed for a night out.

A dog dressed up

3. Pupper
A pupper is a baby doggo. In order words, a doggo is a big pupper, and a pupper is a young doggo! Even adult doggos can be puppers if they are small and pup-like.

4. Blep
The blep is a wonderful phenomenon where a dog sticks its tongue out. Sometimes the dog is tired or missing teeth. Or sometimes the dog is panting or laughing. Sometimes the dog doesn’t need a reason to stick its tongue out at us!

Becca’s dog Hercules is featured here

Dog sticking out tounge

5. Snoot and Boop
The snoot describes the wet part of the dog’s face that sticks out the furthest: their nose! Snoots can be black or pink, but regardless of color, they are always wet. Some dogs have a big snoot. Some dogs have a little snoot. A beloved activity of children and adults alike is to boop them, or to reach out and “bop” (“boop”) them right on the nose with a tap! Have you booped a dog’s snoot today?

Look at Becca’s dog Holly, who has a big ol’ wet and boop-able snoot here.

Dog's snoot

6. Floof
Floof is another way to say “fluff.” A dog that is floofy is a dog with a lot of hair, making it look like a big doggo when secretly it is a smaller doggo with quite a lot of fur! Lions can also be quite floofy in this way when they have a gorgeous and full mane.

Hercules and Hobie showing off their floof. Their true size is a mystery.

Two dogs with floof

7. Toe Beans
This beagle is giving you a “high-eight” and showing off all his toe beans! Toe beans can also be pink or black, depending on the dog. Many animals have toe beans — dogs, cats, big cats (like tigers), rabbits, bears, and more!

Dog on hindlegs

8. Sploot
You know what happens when you throw something soft against a hard surface? It goes “splat!” Think of throwing a strawberry against the wall. What does it look like afterward? It looks like the strawberry kind of explodes. A sploot is a dog-version of a “splat.” When a dog gets comfortable, it might lay down in a way where all of its limbs stretch out, appearing as if it experienced a “dog-explosion.” This phenomenon looks even funnier when the dog has a lot of floof.

Hercules demonstrating a sploot for us.

Dog sploot