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What To Do in Boston This Spring April 30th, 2015

Now that spring has finally arrived in Boston after a long, record-breaking winter, it’s time to go outside to explore places around school and enjoy the warm sunny weather.  Michelle’s conversation class recently went out to gather some information and photos to show you where you can go and what you can do during lunch break or after school. Listen to the students as they describe these places to you in their own words.

Boston Garden

Boston Garden Podcast 1

Boston Garden Podcast 2

The Boston Public Garden is located between Boston Common and Newbury Street, so it’s only an eight-minute walk from ELC! While strolling through the Boston Garden, you can see the Make Way for Ducklings statues based on Robert McCloskey’s famous children’s book by the same name. In addition, you can see the statue of George Washington and the much-photographed duck pond where the famous Swan Boats are located.

The Boston Common

Ducklings at the Boston Common
State House and Boston Common

Boston Common

Boston Common Podcast 1

Boston Common Podcast 2

In the Boston Common you can have a lot of fun such as spending your time lying on the grass, playing soccer with your friends, or maybe even doing your homework. During lunch, you can enjoy a picnic with your classmates and enjoy the view.

Boston Garden

The Boston Gardens

Quincy Market

Quincy Market Podcast 1

Quincy Market Podcast 2

At Quincy Market, which is located in the heart of Boston, you can find many things to do such as restaurants, shops, and historical buildings. Also, you can find yourself a nice seat inside to enjoy your meal. Because Quincy Market is situated in a central spot, you can find your way to other tourist attractions such as the North End, the Aquarium, Faneuil Hall and many others.

Quincy Market

Inside Quincy Market

The North End

The North End Podcast 1

The North End Podcast 2

The North End is an Italian neighborhood of Boston. It has the distinction of being the city’s oldest residential community, where people have lived since it was settled in the 1630s.

North End Landscape

North End Boston

North End Boston - Food