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Wild Weather Words! August 26th, 2015

These past few weeks in Boston we’ve experienced a really wide range of weather types — from sticky hot sunshine to hail and thunderstorms! The weather is so changeable here that sometimes it’s all we can talk about.  In fact, a lot of English idioms actually use weather terms to explain all kinds of everyday situations.  Here are a few for you to try out!

If you want to talk about the actual weather:

  • It’s raining cats and dogs! – this is an expression to use during a really heavy rainstorm.

If you are describing a person:

  • A fair-weather friend – this describes a person who only wants to be friends with you when times are good!
  • In a fog – this type of person isn’t really paying attention to what’s going on around them.
  • Under the weather – this is a way of saying that you (or someone else) aren’t feeling very well.
  • Full of hot air – a person who is full of hot air keeps speaking even when they don’t know what they are talking about!
  • Sunny – this adjective describes a very positive, cheerful person.

If you are describing a situation:

  • The calm before the storm – this is the quiet period of time that often occurs before a big event.
  • Made in the shade – if you are in a situation where you have it made in the shade, you are all-set (usually financially)!
  • Take a raincheck – if you need to take a raincheck, you need to reschedule an event.
  • As right as rain – if everything is as right as rain, then it is going exactly as it should be.
  • Cloud on the horizon/a storm is brewing – if things are mostly going well but you see a cloud on the horizon or you sense a storm is brewing, then you’re saying that things are going to get very troubling very shortly!

Other options:

  • Bolt from the blue – this is when an idea just comes upon you as suddenly and brilliantly as a flash of lightning!
  • Come rain or shine – this means you will keep your promise no matter what!
  • Steal someone’s thunder if someone steals your thunder, they are taking credit for something you did.
  • Be a breeze – if something is a breeze, you are saying it’s really easy for you.
  • Break the icethis is when you are trying to get to know someone and get past the first few moments of uncertainty and awkwardness.
  • Get wind of – this means to hear about.
  • Weather the storm – if you have weathered the storm, you have gotten through a difficult situation.

How many more can you think of? Are there weather idioms in your own language?

Hail in Boston

A picture of some of the hail that fell in Boston last week… in AUGUST!!!