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Winter Wonderland in Boston December 17th, 2014

Winter is just around the corner!  Many of our students have never experienced a winter like Boston’s and it sure is beautiful.  With the lack of winter experience comes a lack of winter vocabulary… but don’t worry!  We will share all of the most important winter vocabulary with you.

winter wonderland in boston

Winter Weather Vocabulary

Slush: wet, melted snow

Sleet: frozen rain

Black Ice: sheets of clear ice that blend with the pavement, making it almost invisible

Blizzard: a prolonged snowstorm with high winds

Flurries: a light snowfall

Whiteout: when visibility becomes slim to none because of heavy snowfall

Wind-chill: what the temperature actually feels like considering the strength of the wind and temperature

Winter Clothing Vocabulary

Bundle up: a phrase used to describe someone dressing warmly before heading outside into cold weather

Snow boots: large insulated shoes for the feet and part of the legs to wear during winter

Down Jacket: a big, fluffy coat full of geese feathers to keep the body warm

Ski pants: waterproof and warm pants to wear in the snow

Mittens: to wear on hands enclosing the four fingers together and the thumb separately to keep warm

Gloves: to wear on hands enclosing each finger and thumb separately to keep warm

Wool socks: stockings made out of hair from a sheep turned into fleece

Winter Equipment Vocabulary

Salt: a mineral that is put on sidewalks and roads to melt the ice and prevent people from slipping

Snow blower: a machine pushed and operated by a person to remove snow

Snowplow / Sander: a truck which removes snow and releases salt to make the streets safe for driving

Windshield Scraper: a handheld tool used to remove snow from one’s car prior to driving

Winter Activity Vocabulary

Sled: a way to easily travel across the snow, sometimes used down hills for fun

Ice Skating: the act of gliding and balancing across ice using ice skating shoes

Skiing: a sport that uses long planks (skis) on the feet to glide across snow

Day Pass: purchased at a mountain that has skiing to access the trails all day

Ski Lift: a motorized device to bring skiers from the bottom of the mountain to the top of the mountain so they can access the trails

Use your new winter vocabulary and enjoy the beauty and fun that winter has to offer!  It really is the most beautiful time of the year.