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World Cup in Boston! June 30th, 2014

World Cup in Boston


It’s Wednesday and classes are out for the day.  Many students crowd in the hall, seemingly impatient but excited. To an outsider this might be a little odd, but this is quite normal to anyone at ELC Boston.  Wednesday is pick-up soccer day. Janet, the regular soccer chaperone, meets the students here at 3:30 to lead them to the Boston Commons for a thrilling match.  Based off of this, you can only imagine the excitement here at the start of the World Cup.

Last week, this activity took place the day before the World Cup opening ceremony in Brazil.    Students showed up in jerseys representing the country that they will route for during the World Cup.  Who better to feud over a nationalized soccer match than with a group of strongly soccer passionate international students?  Janet, a through and through soccer enthusiast, seized yet another opportunity to spend quality time with students and teachers over a favorite pastime, soccer.  After classes a large group of students and teachers walked over to The Kinsale Irish Pub and Restaurant to watch Brazil take the game opening match from Croatia.  It was a great time mixed with drinks, food, and (of course) plenty of shouting.

The World Cup has brought the all mighty daily question to ELC: where do you wanna go to watch the game later?  Don’t you worry!  There are many great spots to watch World Cup games here in Boston.  If ever at a loss of where to go, have no fear! Refer here!

The Banshee:

located in Dorchester, it is considered “The number one bar and restaurant to watch domestic and European sports in the greater Boston area”.  You definitely can’t miss out on that claim!

Café Dello Sport:

will show every game of the World Cup!  Their Facebook page recommends to come an hour early per game and line up outside, as they will not be taking reservations.  Seems like a fun place with lots of energy for a game.

Ned Devines:

take a trip to Fanuiel Hall to watch some soccer in their bar and lounge.  After the game feel free to do a little victory dance to some late night music in the back rooms!  It’s a one stop destination.

Phoenix Landing:

this place gets extra credit for even showing the international friendly matches prior to the start of the World Cup. Equipped with Phoenix bar World Cup shirts. #phxsoccer


if you saw their decorations for the opening game, you would know they are serious about soccer! A great place especially for Italy soccer fans to scream their heads off during a game.

The Greatest Bar:

recommended to our Dutch students by fellow Netherlands fans in Boston.  They had an awesome time cheering on their favorite squad.

Rodizio Grill:

the go to spot for Brazil fans.  They have been hosting World Cup viewing parties across the nation. They also have excellent fresh fruit juices!

The choice is yours. Would you like to join fellow fans routing your team to victory? Or endlessly banter with the opposing enemies?