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Carmen Domenech, Spain

Semi-Intensive English Program, 12 weeks

"I made a lot of friends from many different countries. The teachers are wonderful and we spent such a great time with them. Boston is an incredible city. I have been living in homestay and enjoyed it so much."

Jose Manuel Camarena, Chile

Longstay, Semi-Intensive English Program, 24 weeks

"I like this school because I enjoy with my friends. I learned a lot of English and I met a lot of people from many countries. This is a very good experience in my life because I learn about other countries. All the people who work in ELC, staff, teachers and managers are so friendly."

Julienne Seiler, Switzerland

Academic Year, 48 weeks - Cambridge First English, 11 weeks, 4 weeks

"I had a good experience in ELC. I met a lot of nice students they became close friends. No matter how long time it may pass, I won’t forget about my life in ELC. It was one of the best times in my life, and even I didn’t feel home sick."

Maximilian Rzepka, Germany

Semi-Intensive English Program, 4 weeks

"The main reason for going to ELC was to improve my English skills in a nice US city like Boston. The best experience was to meet students from all over the world. Though I got to know many things of different cultures like Japan, British, Saudi Arabia and many more. Second we were talking about different themes in the conversation skills course which one actually discussed in the US community. It’s great to get an impression of the lot topics. Finally Boston is a great city. There are many parts and other nice places because there are over 60 Universities most of the people are very young. So there are many places and activities especially for young people."

Charline Finand, France

Longstay, Semi-Intensive Plus, and Cambridge First English, 33 weeks

"My experience in ELC was rich in friendship, learning and discoveries. Moreover, Boston is an amazing city to have fun and visit."

Masato Ohta, Japan

Intensive English Program, 48 weeks

"Since I arrived here, I have made a lot of friends from other countries. Teachers also are friendly. We played soccer and went bowling. The size of class is small, so we have a lot of chances to talk. The teacher’s explanation is easy to understand. I really have gotten English skills."

Marianna Morelli, Italy

Intensive English Program, 4 weeks

"My experience at ELC has been even more interesting than I could have even imagined! The school is well organized and the teaching is really effective. I have met people from all over the world. Knowing others' experiences has helped me to know not only foreign cultures but also my own country better. My english has really improved. I would like to thank the front desk for having always been helpful and friendly I'll come back!"

Alexandre Grognuz, Switzerland

Semi-Intensive English Program, 4 weeks

"The ELC school is in a very good place. All the teacher are friendly and comprehensive. I like to go on class and to speak with partner of other country. It's a plaesure to speak with my teacher every day. And it's funny because every afternoon we can do something with the school like beach volley, visits and a lot of interesting things."

Wesam Almatari, Saudi Arabia

Individual Intensive English, 24 weeks

"ELC school the best was to learn to become an American! ELC has the best teachers, staff, location and programs. I made 1000 friends during my time studying. I improved my language and shocked my colleagues, friends and family. I lived with two amazing nice host families in Boston. I was not homesick for the whole time. The activities were not bad. Finally I suggest everyone come to ELC to learn and enjoy English!"