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At ELC Boston, students will find the variety of programs expected from the leading English language school in Boston. International students who study and learn at English Language Center (ELC) can choose from a broad range of English language courses including General English Courses, Cambridge, IELTS and TOEFL Preparation Courses, Business English courses, Academic Programs, English Plus, 50+ and more. Through its 40 years of teaching students at all levels from all over the world, ELC has developed teaching and training techniques and programs that really work for everyone. And, most important, the small class size at ELC assures that each student will receive the expert attention and intensive class participation needed to learn English quickly. The strong professional skills, experience and dedication of our faculty and caring attitude of our staff set our school apart.


Lesson duration: 50 minutes

Number of levels: 12 (low beginner to proficiency)

Average number of students per class: 9-10

Maximum number of students per class: 12 (14 during July and August only)

Extra: Free academic tutoring, chaperoned activities, university admissions service


The ELC Boston staff is eager to assist our international students in achieving their long-term learning goals. ELC offers the following support services to ensure each student’s time at ELC is enjoyable, effective and worry-free:

Student Visa

Student Visa – ELC has been approved by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to issue the SEVIS Form I-20. Students enrolling in a minimum 24-lesson per week course are eligible to receive an I-20 form in order to apply for a F-1 student visa in their country.

Free Academic Tutoring

Each student also has the option to participate in our free academic help desk to receive more English language study time with our dedicated faculty.

English Level Evaluation with Multi-Level Placement

Each student benefits from our English level evaluation with multi-level placement. Our method of placement testing allows students to be place into the appropriate level for each skill area, rather than a single level placement for all skill areas. This method ensures that students study English in the learning environment that is best for them.

Authorized Test Center

All ELC Schools are open authorized test administration sites for all of the Cambridge exams including FCE, CAE and CPE. ELC Boston is also an official IELTS Test Center.

Chaperoned Activities

Each student can continue to practice his/her English skills outside of the school through chaperoned activities and excursions with their friends from ELC. Participating in activities is a great way for students to meet their classmates and experience all that Boston has to offer.

University Admission Services

ELC is pleased to offer free counseling and university placement services to all ELC students interested in continuing their education at an American college or university.